Daxi Industry Co., Ltd
Roller For Metal Industry
  Chromate roll
  Squeeze roller
  Applicator roller/Coating roller
  Pinch roller
Roller For Printing Industry
  UV roller
  Paint roller
  Alcohol lubricating water roller
  Paper given roller
Roller For Other Industry
  Hypalon rubber roller
  Natural rubber roller
  Butyl rubber roller
  Nitrile rubber roller
About Us
Factory View

    Daxi Industry Co., LTD starts manufacture various kinds of rollers from 1992. After more than 20 years technology innovation and enterprise development, for servicing different market area, it had expanded branch factories which are locate at Suzhou Jiangshu. We are also one director unit of China industry rubber products association, participate in formulate the standard of industry rubber products. 

     The company covers totally 90 thousand square meters area with capital of 75 million RMB sales amounts, 200 sets production machines and testing equipments, in 1995 we had passed ISO9001 , in 2002 we got ISO14001. 

     With powerful technical and manufacture capacity, our company has developed and provided to the market series high-quality rollers for metal industry, textile industry, printing industry and ETC. The maximum length we can manufacture is 4.5 meters, the maximum diameter is 2.0 meters

 Our rollers have been knew as advanced level both in appearance and quality. Especially the new high tenacity polyurethane herringboned tension rollers we design and provided for  …………